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THE WHOLE SCOOP AND NOTHING BUT THE SCOOP! Indoor cats are naturally inclined to use a well-maintained litter box. Most cats are trained by their mother as kittens and the ones that aren't catching on really fast. Kittens begin using the litter box by the third week of life. They

Toxic Love

At this time of year, love is in the air…and at the mall. Advertisements beckon us to buy gifts for our loved ones. Not to spoil the mood, but these very gifts meant to entice your sweetheart can cause your pet great harm—especially chocolate. Vets report that the ingestion of

Startling Facts

Startling Facts As little as five teaspoons of antifreeze can kill a 10-pound dog and one and a half teaspoons can kill a 10-pound cat. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) can be fatal to cats, which lack the necessary enzymes to detoxify and break down this drug the following ingestion, resulting in

Easter Hazards

EASTER HAZARDS Easter is the season when chocolate and rabbits seem to pop up everywhere! In addition to chocolate, Easter presents an additional set of risks for your pets, including certain plants, fatty foods, decorations, Easter baskets, egg hunts, picnics, parties, and parades. Thousands of pets become injured