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What’s Up Doc – Pet Tips

4th July Pet Tips

4th July Pet Tips All pets should be kept indoors in a small, safe, sheltered area where they cannot hurt themselves. Turn on the TV or radio to help muffle the sound of fireworks or have calming music playing. Try spending more time with them and be sure to

Halloween Haunts

HALLOWEEN HAUNTS This holiday of ghosts, goblins, and spooks is one of the most dangerous times of the year for pets. Your knowledge of potential dangers along with careful preparation will help ensure that your cat or dog has a safe holiday! BLACK CATS BEWARE It’s very important to

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Thanksgiving is all about sharing, and while you might be tempted to invite your cat or dog to join you as you indulge in a mountain of goodies, please don’t! TOXIC TURKEY Refrain from giving any part of that beautiful bird to your cat or dog. While

Christmas Holiday Hazards

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY HAZARDS- By Karen “Doc” Halligan Pretty decorations and lavish meals play an important part in most holiday celebrations, but what may seem harmless and fun for you and your guests may be very harmful to your pets. Holiday spikes in pet accidents are largely due